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Curious fluffy cumulus clouds hovering above 3 golden domes gleaming in the vast blue sky. Gentle tolls of a bell to remind all living creatures below that noon has arrived. I aimed my camera to capture the magnificence of its structure, integrity and stature. It is a monument on an emerald green hill laced with religious ominence radiating into the clear blue sunny world. You've seen this, from the Markham distance, within the peaceful welcoming confines of Richmond Hill. You wonder to yourself, how did this tower come to be. Had little Europe found a home here in the city of Markham? As it stands temporarily abandoned with renovations my mind wanders into a time lost when the halls of the inaugural church were once filled with many religious hopefuls and perhaps, non-believers alike hoping to catch a glimpse of the majesty of what made this place an interest of Pope John Paul II. A pope that found this powerful Godly emblem worthy enough of his benediction. Who were the people, that breathed life into this structure, in hopes of garnering and capturing the hearts of both believers and non-believers? I, much like many others that pass by from afar have been instilled with wonderment as the corner of our eyes catch a glimpse of the golden domes piercing the heavens upon in awe and imagination. As I stared high I found my eyes tracing every pinnacle, every flying buttress, visually climbing the outer vault and finally arriving at the nave of the church hoping to be able to devour this visual feast that I found my mind unable to satisfactorily be filled enough for me to turn away. I had to see more...I had to understand it more. It is a place in which my inner child was curious enough to wish it back to life to see who this church really was, is and could be. This is, the Cathedral of the Transfiguration.


Welcome to Cathedral Town


Cathedral Town is a new and developing community situated in the City of Markham, Region of York. It is bordered north by Elgin Mills Rd, south by Major Mackenzie Drive. flanked by highway 404 on the west and Warden Ave on the East. The area was once farmland owned by Romandale farms. It was Stephen B. Roman, owner of Romandale farms, who ordered the building of the Cathedral on his land. His daughter Helen Roman-Barber and the Surveyor of the Fabric Emeritus of Westminster Abbey, Donald Buttress, both worked on the design of Cathedraltown based on European architecture and design. After completion, settlement into Cathedraltown began in 2006. Now the beautiful area has transformed into a beautiful community of both single and multi family housing with mixed-use condominiums. The overall vision and design of Cathedraltown is best described as a reflection of the Regency Era and Georgian Architecture popular in the late 1800's to early 1900's.

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One of the main developers is Monarch, a subsidiary of Taylor Woodrow here in Canada. Cathedraltown is surrounded by conveniences to meet your every need. A plaza can be found on the northwest corner of Woodbine Avenue and Major Mackenzie drive. Canadian Tire will fulfill your home care needs. Shoppers Drugmart will fill your self care needs. CIBC, Bank of Montreal, TD Bank and Scotia Bank will fill your banking needs. Eateries such as Boston Pizza, Montana's, Harvey's, Swiss Chalet, Subway and Wonton Chai Noodle will fill your bellies. Mastermind Montessori and Victoria Square Montessori schools to fulfill your child care and education needs. Along Elgin Mills at Highway 404 you can find yet another super centre plaza where Costco is conveniently situated.

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Cathedral Town is connected to the major metropolis of Markham through numerous bus routes making your work or school destinations publicly accessible with ease. The following bus routes serve the Cathedral Town community:

  • YRT Route #4 / 4A – Major MacKenzie

  • YRT Route #24 – Woodbine

  • YRT Route #25 – Major MacKenzie

  • YRT Route #80 – Elgin Mills

  • YRT Route #452 – Richmond Green School Special

Cathedral High Street offers a small town shop avenue with a magnificent back view of the Cathedral. It truly gives you a positive feeling that this place is loved and appreciated. Each small shop along the way offers hair styling, coffee cafe's, art and music schools, academic tutorship, beauty spas and even health clinics for eye vision and general health. This hotspot provides real opportunity for hybrid ownerships of home and business all in one.

Cathdral High St.png
Sir John A MacDonald PS.png

Cathedraltown is neighbourly located to very academically reputable and reknowned schools in Sir John A. Macdonald Elementary Public School with french immersion, Lincoln Alexander Public school and Sir Wilfrid Laurier Elementary Public School also with french immersion. As mentioned before Mastermind Montessori and Victoria Square Montessori schools are right around the corner fulfill your child care and education needs.

You will find yourself conveniently connected to the major cities with exits and entrances to the 404 located on the northwest and south west corners of the community. If the 407 ETR is your method of transport, it is merely a 1 minute drive south on the 404. Many people make use of a carpooling parking lot on Major Mackenzie and 404.

Angus Glen community centre.PNG

The Angus Glen Community Centre is located conveniently down the road for all your community sporting event needs. It hosts an Olympic sized pool, hockey rink, several full gymnasiums and a wonderfully built library to suit every family’s needs.

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By William Quach


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