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When moving in a new place, there are a lot of factors to be considered specially when you have a family and your children have just finished or about to finish secondary education. Today, we shall tackle the great post-secondary schools in Greater Toronto Area.


The Greater Toronto Area is not just a great place for its spectacular tourist spots and great people. The GTA is also home to various publicly funded colleges scattered all throughout the metropolitan area. Here are the publicly funded colleges based in Greater Toronto Area:

This list does not include private career colleges and colleges that are although found in the Greater Toronto Area, have their main campus and administration outside GTA.


If one aspires to continue and get their graduate degrees, GTA has also publicly funded universities. Universities based within Greater Toronto include:

There are also three publicly funded universities based outside of the GTA but operates a satellite campus within the GTA. These are the Hamilton-based McMaster University, Peterborough-based Trent University, and the Guelph-based University of Guelph. Not to mention the private religious universities spread throughout the GTA.

With these great colleges and universities, your family’s tertiary education is surely in good hands. If you’ve already enrolled yourself or someone in your family in one of them, reach out to us at YOU Group and we’ll surely hook you up with a place near the school of your choice.

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